Kaspersky endpoint security is a non-server anti-malware technology and a protective firewall. It protects and control the users endpoints to secure servers and gateways, or to remotely manage the entire security environment.

Kaspersky endpoint server include a list of technologies, from encryption and mobile device management to path management and license inventories. All work seamlessly together, supported by the cloud-based Kaspersky security network. It is a security platform which makes it easy for IT administrators to see, control and protect their endpoints.

Kaspersky endpoint security for business is mainly in 3 plans there are:

  • Kaspersky endpoint security for business-CORE
  • Kaspersky endpoint security for business-SELECT
  • Kaspersky endpoint security for business-ADVANCED
  • Kaspersky endpoint security for business-TOTAL

Combines several powerful anti-malware technologies including signature-based protection, proactive protection and cloud- assisted security-to deliver multiple layers of defense for your business.


  • One central console
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Web interface
  • Scalable support
  • Frequent updates and signature-based protection
  • Behavioral analysis performed by system watcher
  • Host based intrusion prevention system(hips) with personal firewall
  • Cloud assisted protection
  • Broad platform support


Adds mobile security and flexible control technologies that help you to ensure compliance with your security policies. Application, web and device controls, including dynamic whitelisting supported by kaspersky’s unique in-house laboratory, add a further dimension to deep endpoint security. Corporate and employee owned(BYOD) mobile devices are also secured, and platforms are unified to be managed, together with all protected endpoints, though the Kaspersky security center console. File server protection ensures that infection cannot spread to secured endpoints through stored data.


Includes all of the above which are in Kaspersky endpoint security core and following:

  • Application control
  • Web control
  • Device control
  • Dynamic whitelisting
  • Innovative anti-malware technologies
  • Deployment with over the air (OTA) provisioning
  • Remote Anti-Theft Tools
  • Application Control for Mobile Devices
  • Support for Employee Owned Devices


Includes vulnerability scanning and path management technologies- to help eradicate vulnerabilities with in operating systems and application software. The Kaspersky endpoint security for business -advanced in this paln have a system management tool it is a automated patch management and OS image management, remote software distribution and SIEM integration all help to streamline administration, while hardware and software inventories and license management provide visibility and control. Integrated encryption technology adds a powerful layer of data protection.


Includes all of the above which are in Kaspersky endpoint security select and following:

  • Comprehensive encryption
  • Support for removable devices
  • Secure data sharing
  • Transparency for end-users
  • Patch management
  • Remote deployment of software
  • Network admission control (NAC)
  • Operating system and application image deployment


Kaspersky Total Security for business includes every function provided by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for business advanced, plus security for mail servers and web gateways. Kaspersky Total Security for Business delivers the most complete platform of protection and management offered in the industry today. Kaspersky total security for business secures every layer of your network and includes powerful configuration tools to ensure your users are productive and free from the threat of malware, regardless of device of location.


Include all of the above which are in Kaspersky endpoint security advanced and following:

  • Simplifies management of security-via one unified console
  • Provides Next Gen protection against the latest cyber threats
  • Helps business tailor security for new & legacy systems
  • Reduces exposure to attack by hardening corporate endpoint
  • Encrypts data-to prevents loos of confidential information
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities-to remove attack entry points
  • Does more to support your regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Protects email and web traffic

Kaspersky Antivirus

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